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How to Select the Proper Packaging

Packing, shipping and warehousing any product properly depends on the right box - but how do you know which one to pick? Well, that depends on what you're planning on using it for, and also for how long. In general, cardboard boxes come in many shapes and sizes, and each one is designed to do different things, handle different materials, weight classes and freight conditions. Lightweight Best for packaging: small electronics, cosmetics, ceramics, plastics, jewelry, food products etc. If you are planning on packaging ... Read more

Americas Food and Beverage Show 2014 – Miami Florida

Our company showcased all of our diverse packaging and boxes for the food and beverage industry. Folding carton boxes, litho-laminated promotional boxes, corrugated shipping containers and displays are just some of many of the products we are able to manufacture. Sharing at the floor exhibition with many of our clients was a rewarding experience especially because they were marketing their products and brand using many of the references we have been able to manufacture for them. CTP Boxes & Packaging ... Read more

Manufacturing Day 2013 – Miami, Florida

CTP Boxes & Packaging, LLC joined the National Celebration and participated as a Host Industry on Manufacturing Day 2013 sharing the pride of products made in USA. CTP Boxes & Packaging, LLC was able to share the process involved in the manufacturing of boxes with our customers, our vendors, and members of the community. An educational program was set-up, allowing our guests to tour the facilities and experience firsthand the process rarely disclosed to the public. This experience included a live demonstration ... Read more
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