Die Cutting

Looking for a uniquely shaped box you can’t find anywhere else? Don’t worry, we handle those too. Using a process known as die cutting, our machines are capable of handling any custom size requirement meaning your product is always packaged exactly the way you want it. Die cutting is a process in which a metal die with sharp edges is pressed into the corrugated paperboard to cut it into specific shapes. It can be used to punch out a shape or pattern from a larger piece or create a new piece by cutting the entire sheet of paperboard in a particular way, perfectly suited to manufacture folders, cards, inserts, unique boxes, displays and much more. We offer Rotary die cutting which provides the highest level of accuracy and speed with minimal waste and flatbed die cutting, a cost-effective option more suitable for smaller production runs making our products accessible to both big and small businesses. Traditional boxes are a great choice for getting the job done, but if you are looking to break into an existing market you need something that says: we’re different, inside and out.

Remember, when it comes to thinking outside the box, sometimes you have to think outside the square