Frequenty Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is the minimum order for custom boxes?

Our equipment at CTP Boxes & Packaging allows us the capabilities to manufacture attractive ranges of quantities for our customers. We can produce small quantities such as 1000 qty. in folding carton or litho-laminated boxes and/or 500 qty. in corrugated boxes . As a manufacturing business our clients with high volume demands certainly benefit with great price rating and direct customer service.

What is the lead time on an order of boxes?

Lead time is related to any packaging request and specification. New orders or new custom references which require artwork will require proofs and approval from customer. First time projects will require having in place custom tools such as dies, printing plates, raw materials and other supplies. Once everything is in-house production time will be confirmed.

What information will be useful for any packaging quote requested?

Basic information is needed in order to provide a great quote approach for any custom new box or reference. Quantity, size, kind of box, colors, material or paper/carton test, styles, artwork or brand specifications are important variables o consider. In addition if shipping is local, outstate or overseas logistic information will be necessary in order to better quote any request and final delivery.

What is the largest and smallest box that CTP Boxes & Packaging can manufacture?

There is not minimum size manufacturing size limitation. Related to largest size, CTP Boxes has the capability of maximum printed folding carton full color or laminated box in a blank size of 39” x 55”.
Maximum blank size for corrugated RSC box is 50” x 110”
Don’t hesitate to consult our customer service; we have excellent equipment for comply with any custom box request. Size is not a limit, we think out of the box.

How can I start an account with CTP Boxes & Packaging?

In order to create an account with us, our customer service will provide a packet of information with policies, procedures, and payment terms for effective establishment of any purchase order.

What is tooling?

Tooling usually refers to cutting dies or printing plates required to customize a corrugated container, display, or die-cut for an end user. Manufacturing boxes of any category require special dies related to the reference.

Is artwork needed in order to print the boxes?

Artwork is preferred but, if needed, we can work without it. Having artwork helps minimize plate costs and prevent mistakes. Customers could count with our Graphic and Engineer Designer team for any packaging solution requested.

Can a company logo be printed in the boxes? (Corrugated Boxes)

Using a flexo-graphic printing process, it is possible to print the logo company and product information directly on the carton.

Are oil-based inks used and do the inks contain heavy metals?

We now use water-based inks exclusively. The corrugated industry has reduced the usage of heavy metals and volatile organic compounds.

What is ECT? (Corrugated Boxes)

ECT (edge crush test) is performed to predict the vertical strength of corrugated board. It determines the resistance to compression of the flutes in pounds per square inch.

What is BMC?

That’s a box manufacturer’s certificate, which you will usually find on a bottom flap of a box. The BMC states the name and location of the manufacturer, the minimum material specification being certified, and the gross weight and size limits. A carrier may deny damage claim insurance if these guidelines are not met.

Is CTP Boxes & Packaging a manufacturing business?

Yes, Our Company specializes in manufacturing boxes and packaging not on distribution, so any customer looking for direct relationship and benefit on pricing per volume order could find a local, state or national resource in CTP Boxes as a provider. We are located in Miami, Florida; proudly a USA manufacturing business company.