Graphic Design

Company branding can make or break your business, and yesterday’s clip art just won’t cut it anymore. At CTP Boxes we offer you custom designs that will help you establish your brand in the market, differentiate your business from your competitors, reach your target audience and convey a strong corporate identity. Graphic designs provide your product and company a face, so whether it is green packaging, different materials, lock styles or sizes, we can provide you with a design that will perfectly fit your product and brand.

Simple or complex, great branding sells – just look at Nike! Our multi talented team of graphic designers, machinists, and manufacturing experts will take your company from drawing board to box board making sure you have everything you need to produce, promote and profit from your product or service. Great advertising can sell your product once, but memorable branding can sell it over and over again. If you are looking to take your small business venture to the next level, let us do the heavy lifting.