Corrugated Fiberboard

Protect, Preserve, Store and Display.

CTP Boxes & Packaging is a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging produced from a variety of combinations of fluting medium and flat liners. The paper grade correspond to the characteristics of the products that need to be packed in order to protect, preserve and make possible its transportation, storage and display.

All our corrugated cardboard sheets are produced in compliance with quality and environmental standards as we seek to offer reliable and quality products. Our goal is to meet your production standards and the demands of our customers.

Single Face Board

This material is flexible in one direction, stiff in the other and it has cushioning properties. To this day it is used as a primary protection for fragile items as well as books, postal delivery, furniture and appliances.

Conventional Corrugated Boards

Corrugated board is the most widely used packaging medium for boxes, divisions and fittings. It provides a stiff, resilient, recyclable container with cushioning, puncture-resistance, stack ability and has a good printing surface, making it suitable for primary, point-of-sale and transit packaging as well as for display stands. It can be specified with various flute forms and paper grades to suit the application and can be made waterproof, moisture resistant, and suitable for freezing and cold storage.