Corrugated strong, carton customizable; stand out from your competitors by choosing a packaging solution that not only has structural strength and durability, but also high quality printing of graphics and vivid colors.

A litho-printed material can have a wide range of decorative finishes applied to it such as lamination, spot varnishes, foil blocking and embossing; perfect for gift packaging, promotional material, appliances, cosmetics, toys, packaged food and beverages, consumer electronics and more.

The look and feel of this box will give your product the attention it deserves but more importantly, it will give you shipping confidence. Designed to take a beating, our Litho-Laminate boxes are high-heel sleek and steel-toe sturdy meaning you can ship heavy and ship safely. Exceptionally versatile, this box is recommended for weight: batteries, custom electronics, small to medium sized car parts, fabricated metal and lead. Built to withstand both cargo and warehouse conditions without sacrificing your brand’s image or consumer marketability, this top-notch packaging solution that won’t tap out when the going gets tough. If you need a box that can weather all conditions without trading form for function, Litho-Laminate has you covered.

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