Precision marketing requires precision packaging, improve your company’s branding with our convenient and customized carton boxes. From breakfast cereals to computer accessories, folding carton boxes are very versatile packaging solutions perfectly suited for a wide range of consumer goods.

They’re manufactured in many shapes and sizes on box board materials on different calibers and finishes. The panels of these boxes are made from thick, unbending chipboard, which are attached to each other to form the container. There’s an infinite number of applications for this type of box including food, Wine/spirits, Liquid/beverage, Detergent/household cleaning and Toys/games just to name a few.

At CTP Boxes we print, die-cut, score, glue and finish your box to fit the requirements of your industry. Suitable for electronics, cosmetics, ceramics, plastics, jewelry, crafts, beverage containers, food products, and more, folding carton boxes provide form and function no matter what the needs of your business. Sturdy, lightweight, cut-to-size and uniquely branded for your product and company, our packaging solutions are designed to attract today’s selective consumers at a price both you and your company can afford.

You know that what’s inside the box matters, but in today’s competitive global market, we know that it’s what’s outside the box that sells.

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