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The structurally strong design of corrugated boxes provides great protection for any product, keeping merchandise safe throughout the supply chain including long-distance transportation. Corrugated boxes are usually manufactured with one layer of fluting sandwiched between two liners; however, they can come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the level of protection desired, making it a very reliable packaging solution for fragile items like glass products and electronics among others. This type of box is also a perfect fit for the food & produce industry since it protects against exposure, which is essential to keep the product fresh and capable of withstanding long shipping times.

Corrugated Boxes provide an eco-friendly solution for shipping, storing and advertising at a low cost, due to the fully recyclable and sustainable materials used to manufacture this box.

As a result of the many customizable options such as size, thickness, adhesives, coatings, and folding shapes, corrugated boxes are a great fit for a wide range of industries such as Automotive/Parts, Food/produce, Hardware/Houseware and many other, adapting to any product’s specification.

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